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A Typical Day

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PostPosted: Thursday, 27 June 2013, 14:45 PM    Post subject: A Typical Day Reply with quote

The sheriff is in the vestibule
Counting his ill gained money.

His wife is in the kitchen
eating bread and honey.

Robinís in Sherwood
Doing his archery thing.

While Alan-a-Dale strums his mandolin
Getting ready to sing.

Marionís in the summer sun
Getting a golden tan.

Friar Tuck sits by the board
Quaffing ale, swinging a fan.

Will Scarlettís changed his doublet
To the muted Lincoln green.

While Much the Millerís son
Sits alone and schemes.

And Little Jon?
Why Little Jon is sitting in the john.

Itís a typical day around Nottingham.
the peasants are plowing a field.

While the sheriffís men and
men-at- arms shuffle cards and deal.

"A poet, when he writes, is like a lover in his lady's arms----all seems true you understand, that's half the joy of writing". From the play Cyrano DE Bergerac by Edmound Rostand

Cyrille "A poet when he writes is like a lover in his lady's arms. All seems true, you understand---that's half the joy of writing"
(from the Play "Cyrano De Bergerac," by Edmumd Rostand"
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