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The Sniper

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PostPosted: Sunday, 25 June 2017, 20:22 PM    Post subject: The Sniper Reply with quote

The Sniper

There he lays silently
In the middle of the field
Patiently waiting for his target
With only camo for his sheild

Waiting on orders from the top
From at least a half mile away
Waiting for that right moment
To watch his target drop to the clay

Some will call him a killer
For following orders from up the chain
Listening to the movements around
It's all this waiting can be such a pain

He's just a sniper working for "Uncle Sam"
Taking out terrorist as well as drug lords too
One-by-one He's making this world safer
For more than the likes of me or you

Here comes his target in white limo now
He gets ready as it pulls up to a house
When the right person steps out of the car
His gun goes off but quiet as a mouse

They never heard the shot ring out
No idea where it came from there was no sound
He just as quietly leaves as well when he came in
As he watches them pick up that body from the ground

The life of a sniper is harder than it sounds
Laying there for hours for one shot
Always taking on those chances
Never knowing if they might get caught

So praise your soldiers well
Each and everyone that you meet
For they have been through Hell
Protecting our rights on these streets

Written 6/25/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

I didn't say I knew it all
I just said I know those that
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