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Tears Of Joy

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PostPosted: Saturday, 26 August 2017, 20:17 PM    Post subject: Tears Of Joy Reply with quote

Tears Of Joy

Tears of joy she cried
When her man returned from war
Embracing him in her arms
She'll hold for-ever-more

He's been gone to long
Well over two years today
As they cried tears of joy
"I love you" was all they could say

At one time she was told he died
Over in that foreign land
Her heart fell like a bomb
But held her love for her man

She had a son while he was gone
She's had to raise on her own
He looked so much like his dad
As if he was his dads clone

But now he's back for good
His injuries are in his mind
All the hell he's been through
It's happiness he will now find

As they walk to her car
His baby is in his seat
And that smile upon his face
Is a special kind of treat

The tears of joy they cry
Is just a bit of bitter tears
Now they have the rest of thier lifes
To make up for those few lost years

Some of his buds never made it back
That makes him feel more blessed
He'll hold onto thier memories
Thier spirits will be his guest

It makes him mad to hear the news
Of those protesting and burning flags
As well as tearing down the statues
As if,that erases the past,or color of rags

But now they have each other back
Something for them to hold on to
If the protesters served by his side
They would have a different view

Written 8/26/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)

I didn't say I knew it all
I just said I know those that
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