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In the beginning was the word .. THE WORD = AL KALIMA

I TELL YOU THE TRUTH= I TELL YOU THE KEY. Wherever THE GOSPEL is preached THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, What she has done will also be told, IN MEMORY OF HER. THE SIMPLICITY OF JESUS' LANGUAGE .. JESUS' WAY OF EXPLAINING [ HAPPINESS] TO THE WORLD .. HIS IDENTIFICATION with The PERFUME with HAPPINESS like a Marriage .. HAPPINESS and PEACE are associated with SON OF MAN=the good seed sower! Therefore, NO SON OF MAN =NO HAPPINESS =THE CROSS =MISFORTUNE and DISASTER are associated with SON OF GOD=the wicked seed sower ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The Passion-of-the-christ or [THE LAST PARABLE] is directly from GOD ALONE (not from Jesus) ... ... ... ... INFERENCE is inherent in the intellect. It is natural to the mind. IT IS, SO TO SPEAK, THE MIND' S WAY OF FUNCTIONING. Without immediate inference the mind would be frozen in a state of intellectual inertia; without it rational existence as we know it would be impossible ... LOGIC OF ARGUMENTATION - REASONING : Reasoning may be defined simply as the act by which the mind, proceeding from a judgement, moves to a second judgement and hence, because of the inter-relationship of these two, to still a third judgement ... Here is the mind in its wholeness. Here is mental life at its fullest ... AN INFERENCE is said to be immediate when it is one drawn directly from a single judgement or a proposition (John is at home; therefore John is not away from home) .. Similarly, Jesus was sitting in Heaven at the right hand of power; therefore Jesus was not ON EARTH after the Ascension, that is, after The High Priest tore his clothes! ... AN INFERENCE is said to be mediate when it is one drawn, not from a single proposition, but from two or more propositions in combination (John is a soldier; a soldier is not a sailor; therefore John is not a sailor) = (Jesus is like a "Prince" or Jesus represent "Happiness" .. a Prince is not an unhappy man, a Prince has no crown of thorns; therefore Jesus is not the man with the crown of thorns) ... The form of this mediate inference, its outward expression, is what is called THE DEDUCTIVE SYLLOGISM. It is defined formally, according to Aristotle, as an expression i.e a manifestation of thought in which, certain things being stated, something other than what is stated follows of necessity from their being so ... The third of these (John is not a sailor) = (Jesus is not the man with the crown of thorns) we call THE CONCLUSION .. .. HANDBOOK OF LOGIC
... Jesus' parables are quite simple, memorable stories

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